WDC dues invoice 2019

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WDC Minutes

June 4, 2019

12:00 noon at the Corral Restaurant

Attendees: Tyce Cutler, Pat Millard, Bonnie Rettkowski, Byron Starkey, Kacy Campos, Marvin Price, Dale Pomeroy, Lisa Swindler

Meeting called to order by Tyce
Flag Salute

Minutes – tentatively approved as emailed

Financial Report – 23,725.53

Standing Committee Reports:

Local Emergency Planning Committee – Randy Wiggins – Per Marvin Price, meeting did not happen as most attendees were at the Hwy. 243 Fire.
Port of Warden/ Economic Development – Pat Millard, Dale Pomeroy
Per Pat, Port of Warden is done with Phase 1 of the rail project; remaining funds cannot
be used for Phase II.
Port doesn’t have the diagram yet for the helicopter parking pad
Alan Peterson with the Grant County EDC will be at the Port office on June 11th .
Myron Price attended the Franklin County LEPC - enlightening meeting – their manual is
20 to 30 pages long.
Beautification – Pat Millard, Randy Wiggins
We need to revisit the quality and timing of the flowers.
Some are rather straggly and they were supposed to be in before the JWTR arrived.
City Council – Byron Starkey
City paid $800 for Columbia Basin Railroad for assessment on wastewater line under the
tracks; this construction will exceed specifications
Lions Club – Byron Starkey
Group has grown by three new members
Some people from outside the organization volunteered to help with the John Wayne
Trail Riders events; had more than enough and help. Group has expressed its thanks to
the City of Warden workers and Grant County Fire Dist. #4.

Old Business
Golf Tournament
All expenses paid – tentative amount made - $7,231.82

New for this year - Cox Designs has donated a 10ft. by 2 ft. reusable banner
Purchased reusable sponsor signs

Respectfully Submitted,
Bonnie Rettkowski, Secretary

Warden Development Council: “Our mission is to build a thriving economic environment by promoting the community and assisting the growth of business and employment opportunities through vision and leadership.”